Official lyrics to some of HALIENE's current songs and collaborations.


PAGES (with atb)

Pages of ink

I watch them blur and bleed

Are these words all that's left of me?


These cracks in my heart

I'm painted with these scars

I'm blinded, I'm falling apart


Fall on me like water, wash me clean

Write my story over again, woah

Break me out of silence, set me free

Cause I'm at the end

So write my story over again


Here We Are (with Ferry corsten)

Here we are

Is this real or am I dreaming?

Words can't describe how I'm lost in this feeling

Let it flow

Chemicals are rushing through me

 I feel alive right now when you're with me


I've always thought about this moment we're in now

I'm finally seeing it for myself


Here we are

Hopeful hearts, chasing stars

I know we can make it

Nothing could break us down

Not this time around

Naked souls, don't let go

When everything's faded

I know we can make it now

So here we are


Now I know

What its like to see the sunrise

Wide open skies inside each other's eyes


We're falling together

Faster than ever

There's nothing that's standing in our way

We're falling together

Finding forever

That no one could ever take away


Saving Light (with gareth emery + standerwick)

I'm here, where endless meets the end

Do you see me?

I'm hidden here again


Your whispers found it's way

Calling me to stay


I'm standing at the edge

But something always brings me back

All the voices in my head

Reminding me of what I have

If I fall tonight

You can bring me back to life

If I fall tonight

You can be my saving light


You're here, like lightning in my veins

Now they see me

And I'll never be the same